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Why Art

Close your eyes and open and see what not art. Give example of an environment like hospital,kitchen, Board Meeting, Street/Road... and consider the objects like stethescope, Scanner, foresteps, all medical equipments, Projector, Table chair, jewellery, wrist watch, cloths, car, bike, etc….even the floor tiling is also an art. So there are artist who are around us....start from a candy design to mangalyan everything is art....Likewise there are more than 250 careers which are linked to art directly and indirectly. Artistic students never mug-Up….rather understand and perscieve the concepts quickly via visual and visualization that leads to quick understanding and long lasting visual memory. So students IQ level develops and they not only score high also they apply their learnings in to practical life. Apart from career and academic values…art plays a major role in the aspect of SELF as an individual. Yes it is happy, fun, pride, confident, achievement, feel something special and unique, expressing the thoughts and be freedom etc….and it is stress rliever meditation what else.... So how can we ignore art as a hobby any more. Without art nothing works. Explore how it works.

How Art Help us?

Most of us think art is just for hobby or learning art may help us do paintings and that can be sold or we can have art exibitions. Yes it is...But we may not even visualize that art is every where. Let us explore what else....

Stimulating Creative Skills

At Lil’ Brahmas, we don’t just draw what is obvious. We don’t encourage duplication or re-creation. For example, if you take a coffee mug and try to draw it, its’ easy to replicate the fill color, the dotted line and the stencil. But at Lil’ Brahmas, it’s not about the angle you see, we help you visualise the angle that’s hidden from your view, hence encouraging you to think differently.s

We teach / Stimulate

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Improving Academic Performance

What happens when a student has bad handwriting? Their studies get affected, their confidence levels get affected, their teachers and parents are equally frustrated as they do not know how to help the child express themselves better!

Art helps the student to:

  • Visualize concepts like Solar system, Molecular shapes, Skeletal structure, and more.
  • Helps increase memory retention,
  • Visual understanding of every topic through internalization of concepts (Affective domain)
  • Application of learning to problem solving
  • Creating new ideas based on learning

How does Art impact teaching?

Teaching means Stimulating imagination and creativity.
Let's take Maths for example.

There are two types of learning:

Passive Learning And Interactive learning

Passive learning is what is being used in most schools today. Simple textbook learning, “mugging up” and hoping that they simply remember the answer and pass the exams.
While Interactive Learning is what we do at Lil‘ Brahmas and all the schools who we are partnering with us.

How does Interactive Learning Work?

Use of imagination to visualize and understand the concept.
Art enables visualization. A triangle, a sphere, a cone, a shadow formed by cone, or the calculation of distance based on how far away an object is.
We have seen that Visualization equals Higher levels of learning. Which in turn helps academic performance for students which in turn increases the overall school’s growth and performance.

For a better you:
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Increased confidence and clear thought process
  • Time utilization and self appreciation
  • Pride and self esteem
  • Clean fun and overall enjoying life!

Ambition Mapping

Ambition Mapping is much more generic, we understand the tenor of general job that the student finds interesting and we help them get equipped with a set of skills that will further help them understand what they want to do. This aslo ensure to have special interest to learn what they have opted for. Probability of stickyness is more that lead to success in their aspitration.

Career Mapping

Career Mapping is about designing courses specific for our students to help them excel at their desired job. Be it Engineering or Medical or Mobile App Design or Filmmaking or Fashion or Interior Designing. There is art in every career path. We study student’s ambitions and structure their course accordingly, tweaking our training methodology to best suit their needs and goals.

  • Engineering – Architecture or Civil - Perspectives and scaling
  • Fine arts – Colors, lighting and shading
  • Biology or Medical – Proportions and positions

Careers that Require art

There is art in every career, we are going to list them out for you, go on and check the list, let us know if anything around is not made with art!

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Information Technology

Robotics, Software design, web design, application design, UI UX design, graphic design and printing, visualizing and developing software.

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Medical Sciences

Drawing parts of organs for better understanding, teaching complex concepts, studying and analysing xrays and other diagnostic analytic reports, designing and developing life saving medical equipments.

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Engineering and Architecture

Drawing and building architectural plans, blueprints, layouts, interior and exterior designing, civil plans for building factories, community and townships.

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Modeling new vehicles, designing various parts of automobile, developing innovative solutions for various problems and increasing the efficiency of automobiles.

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Product Design

Visualizing new products for various day to day activities - household utensils or machines, mobile, furniture, and more.

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Textile and Fashion

Creating new designs and building eco-friendly designs and solutions that fashionable and beautiful.

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Filmmaking, special EFX, 2D/3D animation, advertisement movies, cinematography, photography, story boarding and more.


And many more

Art is applicable everywhere, and at Lil' Brahmas, we ensure our students are equipped for life no matter what their field of interest is. There is always something for everyone.

For a better you:

  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Increased confidence and clear thought process
  • Time utilization and self appreciation
  • Pride and self esteem
  • Clean fun and overall enjoying life!

What are the health benefits of Art?

Brain works:

  • Improved creativity
  • Improved memory
  • Improved communication skills
  • Better expressing of ideas
  • Improved problem solving skills

Emotional Restoration:

  • Stress relief
  • More positive emotions
  • Release hidden emotions
  • Creative vent for bottled up emotions
  • Increase in emotional intelligence

Improving Senses:

  • Better mobility
  • Better motor skills
  • More focused
  • Increased observation skills

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