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We’re not a regular fun, hobby or tuition classes.

We don’t teach how to copy and draw cartoons.

We don’t concentrate on just colouring and painting.


Through art we teach…

- How to think?
- How to communicate thinking?
- Stimulating creativity and innovation
- Art as a medium to communicate
- We believe Art is a science
- Long term content works stable
- Implementing in academics/career!
- Empower to become their dream!



- No Big-Batch Concept
- No Comparison
- No Homework
- No Exams
- No Security threat


+ Effective Student Master Ratio
+ One to one - Teaching
+ Individual Tracking
+ Privacy and comfort
+ Secured online platform

Our Programs

Those who have a long time thirst of learning Fine Arts, wants to aim and apply the art skills in Academics, Research, Product design, Animation industry, 2D and 3D industry, Gaming Industry, Architecture, Engineering, Cine Industry, Information technology, Graphic Design, advertisement Industry, NATA entrance exam, Art Teacher Training, BFA and MFA Entrance Exam, NIFT Entrance Exam, NID Entrance Exam and much more have wonderful opportunity to learn in part time. Across all the age groups, we have various levels of professional art education stating from ‘dot’ (basics & fundamentals) and arriving to ‘details’ in all the technical aspects. Hence, we named it as DTD – Dot To Detail! Streamlined curriculum that enables visualization and creativity. Take a long term professional courses at your convenience and fulfill your dream. Yes we can't ignore art as a hobby anymore!

Professional Art Courses:

Little Fingers

For 3.5 to 9 yrs children

It’s an intriguing process where lil-ones develop their artistic skills, establishing a strong base for creativity. We develop their hand-eye coordination. Before teaching them how to draw, we train them to attain stability through pen-paper-pad handling, right sitting posture, proper support, neatness and practice.

Course fee can be paid in three options

Paying OptionMonthly Dues Total AmountWhat you Save !
In 6 DuesRs. 3250Rs. 19500-
In 3 DuesRs. 6000Rs. 18000Rs. 1500
Full / Single paymentRs. 17550Rs. 17550Rs. 1950

One time Admission fee : Rs. 1000 / only

Intermediate Tweenies

For 10 to 13 years children

This is the age group that needs most help. This is when the learning becomes slightly intense. And the children are working hard in school trying to cram their brains with a ton of new data every day! In this program, we tap all the fundamentals of art, making our students lead towards a new scientific learning path.

Course fee can be paid in three options

Paying OptionMonthly Dues Total AmountWhat you Save !
In 6 DuesRs. 3600Rs. 21600-
In 3 DuesRs. 6500Rs. 19500Rs. 2100
Full / Single paymentRs. 19440Rs. 19440Rs. 2160

One time Admission fee : Rs. 1000 / only


For 13 yrs+ & adults

This program provides individuals with an array of formal and interactive learning sessions. It stimulates their logical thinking process and let them explore the technical details and principles of art learning & its applications. It proves to be a full-fledged result-oriented program with our unique teaching approach.

Course fee can be paid in three options

Paying OptionMonthly Dues Total AmountWhat you Save !
In 6 DuesRs. 3900Rs. 23400-
In 3 DuesRs. 7250Rs. 21750Rs. 1650
Full / single paymentRs. 21060Rs. 21060Rs. 2340

One time Admission fee : Rs. 1000 / only


For admission - Please provide all the details below. We would like to answer all your queries. (or) You can call us / do whatsapp to +91 94447 00011

* mandatory fields

Facilities at lil-Brahmas


Online Individual Classrooms

Students feel utmost comfortable to gain knowledge In separate privacy rooms


Surplus back-up

We have a flock of trained teachers preventing interruption in learning process!


End to End
Streamlined Support

We ensure all our students and parents are comfort at all levels of their art journey


Convenient slots

Schedule your classes at your comfort with plenty of choices, with never missing sessions


lil-Brahmas is NOT JUST AN ART OR DRAWING CLASSES! Yes, cartoons are something that we don’t teach. And colors are something which we don’t focus. We train our students towards obtaining a life skill-set which strengthens their visualization power and stimulates creativity within them. We don’t just say that we are different; WE ACTUALLY DO IT!

lil-Brahmas Creative Educations Pvt. Ltd. is an Art Research Institute is armored with 12 years of unique curriculum and professionally trained teachers. Our motive is to remove all the loopholes from Current Education System and to provide a confident and confirmed successful careers to students across Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India




The thought of providing formal and quality art education to students and aspiring professionals, emerged from Dr. P. Satishkumar (Founder of lil-Brahmas) - to fulfil the gaps in Current Education System.

We started-off our research in a rented apartment, with a flock of 25 students to study their issues, their needs, their likes and dislikes regarding their academic lives.

On 24th July, 2014, we formally registered our brand, identified an appropriate location and kick-started providing our services of professional art and handwriting courses.

We scientifically developed and accomplished our 12 years of curriculum. Simultaneously, we launched our official website. By that time, we were having 100+ enrolled students!

We moved on to a larger commercial space with greater facilities. Also, expanded our technical and began upgrading our syllabus as per latest research.

First time in the history of Indian Education Sector, Art and Handwriting Classes were made compulsory by lil-Brahmas in top-notch schools of Chennai, including Kalaimagal and Velammal Group of Schools.

On 11th March 2018, Lil-Brahmas achieved a Guinness World Record by creating ‘the largest human Indian currency symbol’ consisting of 1,717 participants.

Lil-Brahmas was honoured by Times of India Group with an award for ‘The Emerging Icon of Tamil Nadu’ – for its outstanding contribution in Education Sector.

Equipped our-self to accommodate to the environmental challenges. Have migrated to online professional, paid teaching platform which has recording facility.

Enrolled student across globe and serving one to one teaching through safe, secured and professional online tool. Done detail ground work and extended rich user experienced online classes.