Crash & Hobby Courses

Short term craft + painting classes (15 -30 days) to enrich your artistic interest

Whether you are already an artist, or a novice or someone who just wants to explore art & craft (drawing, painting etc) as a hobby, these craft + painting courses are for you! The skills are taught directly. All drawing & painting courses are formed based on ‘See & Learn’ techniques. These painting classes are easy to take.

We have various formats of art that we teach under these craft + painting courses:

Our Teaching Approach


We carefully research and deploy our method of instruction based on international curriculums.


We establish and follow a carefully laid out procedure for teaching art and grooming latent creativity.

Uniform Methodology

Our masters follow a uniform teaching guide to ensure that the training process is not dependent on the master, but on the process.

No Batch/Group Teaching. Even though there are multiple students in a class room the teaching will be done individually. All the students will be in to different course / Level / Topic.

Even if no of students starts the course on the same day, same course, same level their progress will be tracked separately. Their progress will be tracked based on the student skill set and attendance and not by the days.

If students on leave they will not miss any classes on the particular day since they are tracked separately. They will be taking the missed class in subsequent classes.

Features & Facilities @ lil-Brahmas

Why Lil’ Brahmas?

Analysis + Assessment before deciding your course:

Students for all courses undergo a small pre skill assessment. This helps us guide them to the courses best suited to develop their skills. This assessment may take 10 to 15 mins of time.

Stop worrying about how and when:

If art is what you seek, then one should not worry about whether timing is right or cost is right. We give plenty of choices for slots, and as each and every individual have their own class structure, we are very flexible. There are also a number of offers and discounts available. Ask the front desk to be guided to the right representative to know more.

Each and Every One matters:

At Lil’ Brahmas, we don’t do “class style”, forcing all the students to study the same thing. We believe in Individual Teaching and Individual Tracking. Each and every student, even if they sit in the same class, are of the same age group, will have separate curriculum.

Comfortable Classes - Happy Students

We teach our student everything - stability and handling of pencils/tools, seating positions, and more. All the classes are equipped with AC and CCTV surveillance to ensure a safe and secured learning environment.

Stay updated on your child’s progress

We understand how parents need information on a regular basis and we conduct frequent Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) no matter which courses your child takes.

ISO 9001:2008 certified

We have clear, stated outcome with a quality plan and SOP in place. We have strict controls for quality criteria. We are regularly audited for continuous improvement and PDCA

Points to remember:

How to Enroll

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