LB's Own Curriculum

We believe art is everywhere and "we can't ignore art a hobby anymore".We are exposing
the curriculum to the students in the form of career and Ambition mapping.
We recognize that each in unique; that all children are creative; that children need to succeed.

lil Brahmas Curriculum is not aTution:
it is Academic Stream

  •    Artistic evaluation finds application in everyday life

  •   choosing a dress,Buying Products,Appreciation of beauty and Reading

  •   Artis applied in almost everything we see, touch,feel and even teste

  •   Television Screens,Mobile cases, Car and bike seats and Taste

  •   Art Should be taught as a mainstream academic Subject

  •   To increase exposure to Students, to improve impact of learning,to demonstrate the importance of art

  •   Subjects where Art can be employed:

  •   Mathematics,Physics,Chemistry,Botany,Zoology,Economics,Computer science etc

  • Syllabus & Approach:(Well Structured and easy to implement)


      We carefull research and deploy our method of instruction based on international curriculums


      We establish and follows carefully laid out procedure for teaching art and grooming latent creativity.

       Unifrom methodology

      Our masters follow a unifrom teaching guide to ensure that the training process is not
      dependent on the master,but on the process


      We understand that each child is unique.therefore our masters teach each child individually,

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