How art is helping children?

When we are young as kids, getting influenced and to get carried away with it is natural. It's instinct and obvious. We learn from what we observe and we see what is shown to us. We become what we are exposed to. This process is beautiful and natures most admired act. However, what we get to observe is vital & this definitely reflects one's attitude in the near future. The present scenario for the current generation is the world moving at a greater pace is not letting children observe. Everything had become instinct. Imagination and creativity have tampered to the core. Take a pause. Relax. Calm down and Rush not. Give a break. Let's help them learn. Studying art will give a sense of truly being in this world as it helps to learn to observe things around in detail, analyze, think, improvise and create. This stimulates creativity and enhances innovations. Living in consciousness is the most beautiful thing in this life and through art, this is being thought to kids in an artistic and interesting procedure. Art stimulates all areas of the brain and aids for the overall mental health of children. Students who study science are asked to build a scientific temper by questioning everything. But students of art learn to examine all aspects of a problem and prove to be better at conflict situations. When Art gives us so much, then why not give our younger generations & kids a chance to enhance their inbuilt creative skills. Give a chance so that they won't regret like we do today.

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