Importance of art

Art - this word reminds us of a piece of work in a gallery or museum, be it a painting or a modern sculpture. Art is not just that, it is all around in different forms. Without art, the world would not have been the same today. Take a while and observe things around you and say, what is not art? In fact, Everything that we see around us in an art form. Most of us never realize the role of art in our lives but our dependence on art is immense.Art is not a hobby anymore. Embrace fine art: let your imagination define you!!!  Albert Einstein once remarked that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. 

You can see the truth of his statement in art galleries across the world where every painting is an argument between the artist and his audience. Art is nothing but an individual’s ability to express his thoughts via the creative medium be it a sketch, painting made on paper, canvas, walls, rocks, wood or just about any surface. Art is inextricably related to design be it on paper, computer, clothes, plastic and in today’s internet dominated era when everything is going digital, design is the queen while content is the king. The world is filled with art & everyone here is an artist. It's just that most of us are untapped to explore and enhance that skill set. Give yourself a chance to enrich. Art never leaves us, it is within. Introduce you to yourself.

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