Which is the best handwriting class in Chennai?

In a student’s life, regular subjects like Chemistry, Geography, History, Mathematics etc. suppresses the major and a much more significant subject than all, and that’s ‘handwriting’. Yes! Along with the parents, teachers themselves even tend to underestimate the value of teaching the subject ‘handwriting’ to students. A few institutes / academy / classes do attempt to try their hand on it, but end-up gimmicking it without providing the true and right skill-set to students to develop their handwriting.

And this is where lil-Brahmas comes into the picture - the best handwriting class in Chennai! There are a lot of distinctive and attractive factors which make lil-Brahmas – the best handwriting class in Chennai. Let’s have a walk through each one of them:



Lil-Brahmas – the best handwriting class in Chennai has its belief system about the importance of having good handwriting. And the professional, highly-skilled and trained faculty of Lil-Brahmas (the best handwriting class in Chennai) injects this belief-system in their students and parents as well. Lil-Brahmas believes that a neat and impressive handwriting has always been the key factor to depict or represent one’s valuable thoughts in the most impactful manner. Specifically in the lives of school and college students, having correct handwriting skills matters a lot and makes a big difference. Good handwriting helps students to gain better marks in their examinations by accomplishing their question papers on time. It doesn’t end here; impact of having good handwriting travels further and benefits all others connected to that student. It makes everybody’s job much easier – from student to teachers to parents to examiners – each of them get benefitted out of it! Such an inculcated belief-system helps students to realize the importance of having good handwriting in a longer run; improve faster and show drastic improvement in probably a very shorter span of time.



There are two types of handwriting courses suitably classified by lil-Brahmas (the best handwriting class in Chennai) depending on a few factors like requirement, interest area, age group and the level of skill set. Let’s have a sneak peek into them.

Beautiful Handwriting: This particular course teaches you how to beautify your handwriting – by giving a polished finishing to each of your letters while penning them on your notepad. With this special course, lil-Brahmas (the best handwriting class in Chennai) trains you to the fullest and makes your level of confidence raise up to the dilemma of perfection. This particular handwriting class becomes compulsory for those students who are willing to take speed handwriting classes. Also, beautiful handwriting class is taken for all the different age brackets.

Speed Handwriting: Lil-Brahmas’ speed handwriting class in Chennai is a timely requirement of almost all the parents and students. We can say that it’s a need of the hour. Speed handwriting guides students towards writing neatly at the same time with utmost speed – resulting in on-time completion of exams and high marks. This course is structured in such a manner that it gives equal preferences to both, speed and neatness of handwriting. It makes it the most wanted course & it makes lil-Brahmas – the most unique handwriting class in Chennai.

(3) LTA (Learn Through Art) METHODOLOGY

This particular teaching approach at lil-Brahmas makes it truly the most advanced handwriting class in Chennai. Lil-Brahmas’ well-trained and certified faculty has invented it’s very own methodology named LTA – Learn Through Art. Lil-Brahmas – the best handwriting class in Chennai treats handwriting as of the art forms. LTA methodology is all about teaching the right set handwriting skills to students through basic art principles and fundamentals like; size, shape, proportion etc. This is followed by a number of do and undo processes for students – making them learn and implement through their own mistakes.



Students’ benefits: Students will gain – effective handwritten communication, high marks in exams, bettered artistic skills and gauged self-confidence

Parents’ benefits: Parents will receive – no complaints from teachers due to neater and clearer handwriting, high value for their hard earned money, as it will be a very good investment for them in their child’s better and brighter future and not an expense!

Teachers’ benefits: Teachers will have – optimistic review from school or college management, plenty of time left after dictation (due to speed handwriting) to complete her topic for the lecture in a much better way.

Examiners’ benefits: Examiners will be – investing lesser amount of time in correcting the answer sheets of students due to legible handwriting, able to plan a fixed target for his/her day (i.e. the number of question papers to be checked in a day)

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