Which is the best place to take painting classes in Chennai?

Chennai city has always been engrossed with art and artists. In Chennai, wherever you turn your neck, your eyes will definitely land on art-piece. Whether it is a monument or a sculpture; it could either be a country-style painting on a truck or some eye-catchy desktops made out of dry coconut shells, yelling and selling near the coasts of famous Marina Beach. In Chennai, art is everywhere but art school is only one. And that’s none other than, Lil-Brahmas – the best place to take painting classes in Chennai.

What makes Lil-Brahmas the best place to take painting classes in Chennai? To know, come along!

Lil-Brahmas - the best painting classes in Chennai comes with a huge variety of courses for one and all. Let’s take a ride through all of them and check them out one after other. Here we go…


Portrait painting is one of the most desiring courses provided by Lil-Brahmas (painting classes in Chennai). Over a span of time, power-packed with rigorous training and interactive sessions with your mentors, this course by Lil-Brahmas (the best painting classes in Chennai) provides you with an amazing skill set which makes you capable of capturing time forever and ever. It is an immortal art form which makes it timeless.


 Landscape painting is one of those many interesting and appealing courses provided by Lil-Brahmas (the best painting classes in Chennai), which make you die for it. It’s an art form which arms you with an ability to cage the beauty of nature. You can actually add life to your canvas learning landscape painting. In this era of self-obsession, this art form can allow having a creatively meditative time, losing your own self into the peaceful ambiance of nature around.


 From aspiring fashion designers to housewives, fabric painting is a preferred painting course by all of them. This special course by Lil-Brahmas (the best classes in Chennai) lifts up your social life. You can actually be designed customized kerchiefs, curtains, table-tops etc. and either decorate your home all around with them or you can go for gifting it to your friends, family, colleagues and special ones. Such kind of a gesture will keep you always in a fun and happy mood – making it viral for other surrounded by you as well!


Lil-Brahmas (the best painting classes in Chennai) offers you a splendid course called poster color painting. This course gives you an opportunity to become the ringmaster of your own canvas. It empowers you with a skill set by which you can make your colors play, dance, sing, roll, and jump on the stage of your canvas. By having a firm grip and hold on the movements of your strokes, you can truly create whatever and however, you wish to. 


Water absorbs everything, and everything absorbs water! Your canvas too comes under this ‘everything’. This special course called ‘watercolor painting’ structured by Lil-Brahmas (the best painting classes in Chennai) let your imagination merge and marry with watercolors on the canvas – producing some speechless art piece given birth by you. Learning watercolor painting, you can utilize your free time during weekdays and weekends in a more productive and creative way – giving a sense of pride and happiness to your own self.


Acrylic painting is one of the many unique, effective, interesting and well-structured courses by Lil-Brahmas (the best painting classes in Chennai). It has been proved to be a standardized and tested medium for producing premium and top-notch art articles. If you are figuring which of the above painting courses you should kick-start with, then acrylic painting (special course by Lil-Brahmas – the best painting classes in Chennai) is the apt one to begin your creative journey with. Just go for it.


The medium ‘oil’ is the most premium. Its sophisticated look and feel add much more life to your canvas and any other alternative. Learning this special course of oil painting at Lil-Brahmas (the best painting classes in Chennai) avails you access to the legacy of great world artists – well known and renowned for their royal style and strokes. By pursuing this course from Lil-Brahmas (the best painting classes in Chennai), you can add a facet your portfolio.

Lil-Brahmas is the only painting classes in Chennai which provides you with an opportunity to learn such a wide range of painting courses under one shelter, and that too in a peaceful and safe environment. So if you are the one who loves painting and want to brush it up with a professional approach than Lil-Brahmas (the best painting classes in Chennai) is made for you. Enroll for one of these courses and start leading your life creatively.

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