Why lil-Brahmas is the best drawing school in Chennai?

Being the best takes a lot, and Lil-Brahmas (the best drawing school in Chennai) has it all! Yes, there are many art schools, but there are some unique factors which make Lil-Brahmas – the best drawing school in Chennai among all of them. Let us discover together, what are they?


Lil-Brahmas is an ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED school of fine arts in Chennai. Since the last 9 years, it has been into the educational industry and consistently driving better academicals results in students. This is one of the most important points about Lil-Brahmas which makes it the best drawing school in Chennai. Lil-Brahmas has its SOP in place and clear outcome with a quality plan. Regular auditions and quality check is a part of their routine – resulting in overall growth and improvement of the institute.


    Lil-Brahmas being the best drawing school in Chennai has its presence all across social media (facebook, google, Instagram, youtube etc.) making it really convenient for parents as well as students to connect with them at any given point of time. 


At Lil-Brahmas (the best drawing school Chennai), there is no age barrier for learners, since they believe that art is for all! From a 3 yrs old to a school goer… from a teen ager to a office goer, at lil-Brahmas (the best drawing school in Chennai), they have drawing courses/classes for all (children and adults both). They teach the same subject to all the age groups, customizing it with appropriate terminologies which suit their age category the best – making it easy to understand and follow.

Lil-Brahmas – the best drawing school in Chennai believes that age is not the only criteria to tack the trace the most appropriate drawing courses/classes for you, but also the skillset matters. Some students have the lower skillset, and few of them have higher; which can overcome the age factor based on student’s interest level, involvement, and understanding of art and creativity.


Lil-Brahmas (the best drawing school in Chennai) has each drawing course defragmented in several essential levels. It starts from ‘dot’ and concludes on ‘detail’ – covering all the important technical aspects of drawing principles closely. Hence the name of the course falls after this thought process of theirs: DTD (Dot To Detail).

Courses are available from 3yrs+ to 13yrs+ and adults. For each one, two hours per week (2 one-hour drawing class sessions per week) is more than enough to drive towards consistently learning, grasping and excelling the tactics of drawing. Here is the classification for them:

DTD Little Fingers (LF): It’s been structure according to the mindset of children falling under the age group – between 3.5 years to 7 years. And also, there are several levels within this age bracket which depends on the amount of improvement a particular student shows on his/her skill set for drawing

DTD Intermediate Tweenies (IM): This has been particularly designed for the age bracket of 8 years to 12 years. Again there are various levels based on learner’s speed towards understanding the concepts. For this age group students, Lil-Brahmas provides such a structure which make them realize and help them strengthen their art skills.

DTD Advanced: This is for 12 years and plus. From housewives to working women, from college students to corporate goers, from parents to grandparents…  each individual has the eligibility to enroll for these drawing courses/classes. This particular drawing course comes along a series of the interactive session – making your learn and stimulating logical thinking. 


    Lil-Brahmas being the best drawing school in Chennai initiates drawing course by enlightening the beginners/learners about the basics of art such as: art principles (shapes, sizes and proportion), basics of lighting, angle and eye-view, perspective, dimensions (2D, 3D and 6D), symmetry, formation, framing, understanding of color shades/consistency a lot of more.


Students for all art courses are first made to undergo a small but important skill assessment test. It is important because it becomes the torch to guide Lil-Brahmas’ professional team and faculty to guide you towards selecting the best-suited course – depending on skill set.

    These are the unique features and facilities at Lil-Brahmas which made it achieve the title of ‘best drawing school in Chennai’. If you live in Chennai and looking forward to learning drawing in the most interesting, impactful, fruitful and rightest way then Lil-Brahmas (the best drawing school in Chennai) is the only destination for you. Just go ahead, enroll for drawing courses at Lil-Brahmas and feel creative like never before. 

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