Steps for parents to become their childrens best friend

Before being a parent. It becomes really important to first become a friend of your son/daughter. A friendly rapport between parents and their children, makes it really easy for kids to lead their lives soon bein an adult themselves.


Below are 5 simple ways by which you can be your child’s best buddy:

First do then expect: Whatever you want your child to listen and obey, first make sure that you yourself are doing it without fail. This will set an example for your child and he/she will find it easy to follow your footsteps.

Motivate & Inspire: Try not to make a big scene out of your child’s mistakes, rather accept them and encourage them to correct their mistake with the right steps.

Let your child be his/her own decision maker: Don’t take decision yourself; let your child participate in decision making. This will give him/her confidence & self discipline.

Stop being over possessive & protective! Over caring can lead to mental & physical weakness of a child. Sometimes its okay to let your child fall and rise on his/her own.

Welcome their opinions:  Don’t over power you thoughts on your kid, take their suggestions into considerations, acknowledge them and treat them as adults at times.

Simply follow each of the above 5 steps and become the best friend of your child in no time!


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