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Welcome to most wanted lil-Brahmas handwriting research institute. Having traction of 8 years, we transformed Lacs of students through our institute and 20+ Schools. Not only the students! we have trained the school teachers from various educational institutions to provide world class teaching to manage huge volume of students

Just 2 Milestones!

Level 1: Beautification

We make your confidence soar by perfecting your handwriting – enhancing the beauty of each letter you write. It includes writing preparation, Pen handling, Paper Handling and Pad Handling, And all writing principles. This course is all about understanding the principles and rectifying mistakes. No compulsory home work and strict practice. The actual practice starts after completion the course! We guide parents too...to mentor their children.

  • Number of Classes: 24
  • Per Class - 1Hr each
  • Frequency - 2 Classes / Week
  • Duration : 3 Months(approx)

Outcome: Beautiful and legible cursive handwriting with Before and After proof and course completion certificate.

Monthly Course Fee: Offer Rs.1999/Month (Actual Rs.3200/Month)
One time Reg. Fee: Rs.500/-

Level 2: Speed Writing

In order to take this course you should complete Level 1 Beautification. In this time of high competition, the speed of handwriting is as important as legibility to make sure that the student's thoughts and ideas are put across to the recipient via a neat & impressive handwriting. Especially during exams, when completing papers on time with a legible handwriting becomes equally important. This is not mandate level since we provide guidance to parent in first level.

  • Number of Classes: 24
  • Per Class - 1Hr each
  • Frequency - 2 Classes / Week
  • Duration : 3 Months (approx)

Outcome: Beautiful and legible cursive handwriting with desired speed with Before and After proof and course completion certificate.

Monthly Course Fee: Rs.1999/Month (Actual Rs.3200/Month)
One time Reg. Fee: Nil

Who are all Eligible?

JUNIORS - UKG to 4th STD Students
(Only Offline Classes available at our institute)

SENIORS - 5th STD to 12 th STD Students
(We have Online and Offline Classes)

Pls Note: These courses are not for Adults.

How to Enroll?

Offline Courses: Kindly wait till we reopen after lockdown

Online Courses: SENIORS - 5th STD to 12th STD Students
  1. 1. Download the Assessment paper here
  2. 2. Copy and write the given para below to that
  3. 3. Make video of writing and take a photo finally
  4. 4. Whatsapp to +91 9444700011 or
  5. 5. Mail to handwriting@lilbrahmas.com
  6. 6. Get technical guidance from our expert
  7. 7. After approval, get 2 fixed slots for 24 classes
  8. 8. Pay via QR code or UPI: lilbrahmas@icici
  9. 9. Get Online Access and Guideline document
  10. 10. Start the classes

Awareness movies for Students & Parents

What our Students' and Parents says

Our few Students' achievements!

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lil-Brahmas Introduced LTA (Learn Through Art)

As a Best institute for Handwriting Classes In Chennai, We at Lil-Brahmas have invented our own methodology called ‘Learn Through Art’. We treat handwriting as one of the art forms. We teach handwriting skills via basic shapes & sizes. This methodology follows a series of corrective action method and encourages our handwriting students to learn through their mistakes.

lil-Brahmas follows LFM (Learn From Mistake)

In this program we follow LFM approach that leads to identify individuals mistakes and most important their causes too. Also we guide to rectify them individually. Learning from mistake makes a strong learning at this age which will long last forever. No group teaching enabled since each one are unique in even doing mistakes! There are plenty of possible mistakes that are not commonly known as causes. We support to extract them. During this course we ensure just learning and not practice. Practice starts after the course completion at your home and no need to pay for that!


We go through multiple iterations for quality and ease of acceptance to ensure that each student is benefited during these handwriting classes in chennai; in a manner that is best suited to them.


We have broken the myth that "Practice makes perfect". We deny that by simply writing the same alphabets in a particular manner you will be able to strengthen your handwriting skills. We believe in the introduction of Right tool and Right grip methodologies to our handwriting students, which help them in attaining the strong handwriting skills in the rightest way.


Each of our handwriting students gets an amazing Before-After handwriting shot after the completion of their full handwriting course. What we simply do is, we compare & showcase their first day handwriting, along with their handwriting on the final day of handwriting course, by printing them beside each other on a single sheet. Most of our students hang this article on the wall of their study room as a sign of pride & achievement!

Our Teaching Approach


We carefully research and deploy our method of instruction based on international curriculums.


We establish and follow a carefully laid out procedure for teaching handwriting and grooming latent creativity.

Uniform Methodology

Our masters follow a uniform teaching guide to ensure that the training process is not dependent on the master, but on the process.

Hand Writing Classes Near Me


We provide individual teaching and individual attention. Students can join any day and start their course at his/her own schedule. Allowed leaves are compensated and have break free learning. No need to worry about missed class since he/she continue the course where they left.

Hand Writing Classes Near Me


Even if no of students starts the course on the same day, same course, same level their progress will be tracked separately. Their progress will be tracked based on the student skill set and attendance and not by the days.

Features & Facilities @ lil-Brahmas

  • Providing Creative Handwriting Courses in chennai
  • Continuous Training and Auditing to our Trainers
  • Safe and secured online platform
  • Surplus back up masters to manage leaves
  • Dedicated Quality Auditor for teaching on the back stage
  • Assigning PRO and coordinators other than teachers
  • We have digital communication tools to collaborate
  • Multiple slots throughout the week
  • At our centre we provide AC Classrooms
  • We run CCTV 24/7
  • We have dedicated securities
  • We have dedicated caretaker
  • We maintain Hygiene at our environment


Result-oriented curriculum

Enjoy the lifelong benefits of legible handwriting that will build character and confidence.

  • Best Handwriting Classes In Chennai For Students
  • Effective handwritten communication
  • Increased speed of handwriting
  • Improved psychomotor skills
  • Prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Improved performance in handwritten tests and examinations – Score high marks
  • Neatly written school notes and project books
  • Improved artistic skills
  • Increases self confidence

  • Happy with student’s performance as they are able to comprehend what the student has understood
  • Taking less time to correct homework and test papers due to legible handwriting
  • Positive feedback to the school management
  • Positive feedback to the parents
  • Availability of time to give individual attention due to speed handwriting

  • Enjoying lack of complaints from teachers due to legible handwriting
  • Children do not need much time for their homework due to speed handwriting
  • Confidence of children a sure sign of a successful career
  • No need for extra tuitions. Our Handwriting Classes In Chennai are enough.
  • High value for the money at both school and other institutions

  • Enjoying the legibility of letters
  • Ensuring a good first impression
  • Taking less time to correct papers as the handwriting is legible
  • Stressful exercise
  • Achieving a set target for a day – number of papers
  • Positive feedback to the Scrutiny officer and Chief examiner

Contact Us

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    lil-Brahmas Creative Educations Pvt Ltd
    22A, Thirumurugan Nagar,
    Porur, Chennai
    Tamilnadu - 600 116
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