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How are we validating Creativity index of a Student?

Based on our research we have identified that educating and evaluating a student's creativity is majorly missing in the current education system. Because of which students are unable to differentiate themselves from the rest in the market.Many prepare well but only few score well. Why? Many educate but only few get employed. Why? It is because of those untapped areas being stimulated to standing out among the others. We have given a chance to our students to stimulate their creativity & it’s your turn now to fill in the gaps that remained unfilled for ages.

Our solution towards the gap!

We found that one of the key stimulator for developing creativity is Learning Art. In existing scenario there is no systematic streamlined art education system and no proper curriculum.

To full fill this gap:

lil-Brahmas developed and implemented a strong Academic Art Curriculum for 12 years starts from 1st Std to 12th Std. We have integrated this curriculum in to our institute as well as integrated in 20 Plus Schools across Chennai.

Our students are producing excellent results and moving towards their ambition.

Students with interest towards education are undoubtedly performing well in academics but stimulating untapped areas like the above proves to help students achieve their goals for sure.And considering students who are academically poor our methods of stimulation will help students understand their own strengths & weaknesses which is proving to show up instant growth in their academics.

Overall schools academic performance is definitely uplifted gradually & consistently.

Because performers are excellent executors but innovative performers are creators. Being creativity makes the difference and that’s the gap we at lil-Brahmas are busy working on & that is how creating the creators has become our slogan.

In this way your students and parents trust curve may go high since they see the value towards their balanced/complete education.

Every student is unique & being different is a blessing. We help students to understand & realise their uniqueness.

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Objective of Education

lil-Brahmas wants to be a small feather in contributing towards upliftment of the upcoming generations by providing global standard Art & Handwriting Education.

Benefits of integration!

  • Career & Ambition Mapping
  • Stimulating students creativity & imagination
  • Improved academic performance through art
  • Enables & enhances Visualization = Higher levels of learning = Academic performance = Overall      school’s growth and performance

How do we implement?

Remote Monitoring System

Remote Monitoring System We have a well-defined assessment system that works remotely as well.

Digital Presence

We are present in all digital media and channels to enable maximum communication between the students and the faculty. We believe healthy two-way communication is an important part of the learning process.

Continual Auditing from Senior Supervisor

Every course our faculty adopt for each class, the Senior Supervisors are always updated and they audit the process at regular intervals.

Regular Performance Reporting to School Management

Regular performance reports will be shared with the School Management making sure they are updated on the progress of the course and their pupil.

Surplus Backup Teachers

We do not make excuses about Faculty unavailability. We have a surplus team always at hand to take over at moment’s notice. Every member is equally well-versed and updated on the progress of the course making sure there is no repetition or gap in the teaching.

Accountability to the parents

We can also take questions and field meetings to help put the parents at ease about educational endeavours of their children.

Hand writing classes in chennai

Objective of Education

lil-Brahmas wants to be a small feather in contributing towards upliftment of the upcoming generations by providing global standard Art & Handwriting Education.

Benefits of integration!

For the past 5 years we have been continuously researching about the student’s pain areas in their handwriting. As a result of our research the invention of a methodology i.e. LTA (Learn Through Art) is helping us capture plenty of confident smiles in just 24 Sessions (24 Hrs).

  • Improved performance in written tests and examinations = Score high marks
  • Neatly written school notes and project books
  • Effective written communication
  • Improved psychomotor skills
  • Prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Improved artistic skills
  • Increases self confidence

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Why Lil'-Brahmas?

Analysis + Assessment before deciding your course:

Students for all courses undergo a small pre skill assessment. This helps us guide them to the courses best suited to develop their skills. This assessment may take 10 to 15 mins of time.

Stop worrying about how and when:

If art is what you seek, then one should not worry about whether timing is right or cost is right. We give plenty of choices for slots, and as each and every individual have their own class structure, we are very flexible. There are also a number of offers and discounts available. Ask the front desk to be guided to the right representative to know more.

Each and Every One matters:

At Lil’ Brahmas, we don’t do “class style”, forcing all the students to study the same thing. We believe in Individual Teaching and Individual Tracking. Each and every student, even if they sit in the same class, are of the same age group, will have separate curriculum.

Comfortable Classes - Happy Students

We teach our student everything - stability and handling of pencils/tools, seating positions, and more. All the classes are equipped with AC and CCTV surveillance to ensure a safe and secured learning environment.

Stay updated on your child’s progress

We understand how parents need information on a regular basis and we conduct frequent Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) no matter which courses your child takes.

ISO 9001:2008 certified

We have clear, stated outcome with a quality plan and SOP in place. We have strict controls for quality criteria. We are regularly audited for continuous improvement and PDCA

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